Life is Pain

“Life is pain”
Tattooed on bare skin.
Simple words bear witness
To scars that start within.

Invisible concrete walls,
Metaphorical barbed wire.
External defenses mask
Internal agony and fire.

Scars replace wounds,
Skin eventually heals.
Slowly self remembers
How warm grace can feel.

Day by day,
Journeying in true light.
Recalling the darkness
Makes it seem ever bright.


Fighting with Myself

Backed into a corner–
The walls are closing in.
The voices in my head
Begin to scream again.
Shouting, pulsing, anger–
Internal angst and pain.
Exploding from within
Emotions pull and strain.
Manifesting physically,
Marks of pain on skin;
Grief, guilt, and shame–
The cycle starts again.
Huddled in the corner,
Hoping for a peaceful end.
‘Darkness is my closest friend’