Blank Page

A new year
Is a blank page
Anticipating fresh ink
That will create the next chapter.

Maybe this year
I can manage to change
The plot and redeem my character
From primary villain to victorious hero.


Poetry Picnic Week 20


Left Turn

All my life’s a left turn,

Going against the flow.

Looking for an opening,

Knowing when to go.

Never take the easy way,

Right turns are for wimps.

Pull out, take a chance,

Blinker, clutch, pump the gas.

Always take the hard way,

Push life to the redline.

There aren’t enough days,

To stay in the slow lane.

Melting Snowman

Looking out my window
I see a snowman melting
In a slow winter’s rain.
One week ago he didn’t exist.
Created out of youthful joy,
He came to life from the depths
Of little-girl imagination.
Once a praised sculpture
Adorned with scarf and smile,
Now he exists only as
A forgotten puddle of ice,
Misshapen and waning.
The transient nature of a snowman
Causes me to pause and reflect
On the brevity of life
And the short span I have to
Impact the earth around me
Before I melt away.

Gone Before I Got Here

Sitting at a school lunch table,
Chew, swallow, talk, pose, pretend.
I was gone before I got here.

Standing along the wall watching the crowd,
Talk, joke, laugh, sit, smile.
I was gone before I got here.

Sitting in a back row pew,
Sing, stand, sit, kneel, pray.
I was gone before I got here.

Gone before I got here,
My heart’s not really in it.
In the crowd, but not belonging,
I go through the motions–
Looking at the superficiality of how things are
While wondering what’s deeper.

Walking purposefully through life,
Striving not to be
Gone before I got here.