You, Horton, and Me

I remember that moment that 

Meant the beginning of 

What adventures were in store for us.

I look back at those two naive souls that 

Said ‘I do’ and ‘I will’ until life ends, 

And I barely recognize those kids. 

I Know there were people who

Said we were young, foolish, didn’t know

What we were getting into, but

I ignored the noise and jumped in with you.

Meant to be? Intentionally striving to be 

An example of grace and love- with an

Elephant’s memory for forgiveness.

Faithful, together-

One-hundred percent.


Strong Shoulders

Atop the shoulders of my man,
The world is rosy and bright.
We laugh and frolic together
Unaware of the mortal world.

Beside the husband of my youth,
Adventures wait to be conquered.
Together we face the world
As one superhuman entity.

Amidst the perdition of pain,
I lay alone– battered and bleeding.
Seeking me out, he cradles me
And carries me through the fire.

Alongside my friend and ally,
Trials and pain are tolerable.
Life’s forge hardens and tempers
The steel of our commitment.