Sitting on a shore

Putting bare feet in water

Heals my splintered mind



Outdoor Therapy

Surrounded by a jury of my peers–
Herons, blue and white, ducks, frogs,
Paranoid minnows scurrying through the shallows.

Sitting on the pier, bare feet dangling in the water,
Dragonflies chase the tip of my fishing pole
As raindrops slowly drip from the bill of my hat.

Sanctuary to my restless, aching soul,
The peaceful lake and its inhabitants
Calm the brackish water that runs through my veins.

Fishing Buddy

Sitting on the dock,
Lines in the water.
Friendships are deepened,
No words are needed here.

Standing on the bank,
Conversing while angling.
Casting and reeling,
Metaphors for living.

Fisherman on the water,
Fisher of men in the world.
Casting out the bread of life,
Bringing in hungry souls.

Walking in heaven,
Fishing with the saints–
Peter, Andrew, James, and John.
God loves a fisherman.