Talking to the Dead

I speak to the dead

And they to me.

Voices in my head

From the deceased.

Ashes to ashes

And bones to dust.

Bodies wither and decay,

But memories, words remain.

I talk with the dead-

The lifeless live on.


Musings on an Estate Sale

Wandering through a recently vacated house
Wondering that the existence of a lifetime
Boils down to dusty memories sold for a quarter

See You Later

Written in memory of Emily McElroy, 1938-2010
Friend, sister in Christ, and mentor.

Cancer. Believers gather- worship, sing, comfort.
Prayers of strength and healing are lifted to heaven.
Kisses and hugs of hope are given before we part.
No goodbyes here– “See you later.”

Resting on the couch I stroke her thinning hair.
I whisper comfort to her when nausea overtakes.
Prayers of salvation and healing float on the air.
See you later.

Sunday morning worship- a church of just three.
Communion of saints in a granny’s sickbed.
Honesty, truth, and a newly bald head.
See you later.

Long conversations have now turned shorter.
Culminate with prayers of hope and thanks.
I rub her bald head before I walk out the door.
See you later.

I walk through the chapel, down the aisle alone.
The pews are filled with mourning friends.
Pausing at the front, I look upon her still form.
See you later.

The cemetery is cold in the heart of winter.
Fresh soil breaks the monotony of yellowed grass.
Standing in front of her name I repeat once more,
See you later.