Windows down
Driving down country roads
Neath a Cheshire Cat moon
Beagle’s ears flapping in the breeze
Centerfield coming through the radio
Feels like summer


Texas Springtime

The strong, sweet smell of bluebonnets lingers on the air.

Mockingbirds dive and glide among fields of wildflowers.

Dogs mournfully harmonize with the tune of a distant train.

The clear, blue sky fades to orange and violet as the sun lowers.

Insects buzz and chirp, fireflies dance as darkness descends.

A golden moon rises and owls stir as the day draws to an end.

County Roads

Traveling down back roads,
Gravel crunching under tires.
Windows rolled down–
Breeze blowing through my hair.

Cows look up from their cud,
Cardinals flit across the lane.
Wildflowers in the fields
Tangle in the barbed wire.

The sky fades from blue,
Purple, red, orange, pink.
Colors of a country sunset
Calm my disquieted mind.