Windows down
Driving down country roads
Neath a Cheshire Cat moon
Beagle’s ears flapping in the breeze
Centerfield coming through the radio
Feels like summer


Puppy Love

When I was young and painfully shy,
We had a wise old German Shepherd.
I could whisper held-back secrets
Into his attentive ears, and be heard.

When I was older, at a new school,
Friendless and socially awkward,
I had a yellow lab who was my friend,
Who always stayed close by my side.

When I was a young adult woman,
Living with crippling depression,
I had a beagle with long soft ears
Who calmed my restless agitation.

Now that I am the age that I am,
I think of my canine companions.
The ones that were, the ones who are,
Have molded who I have become.

Ode to a Hound Dog

Rolling in the green grass,
Napping through the day.
Faithful traveling buddy,
By my side you remain.

Howling at train whistles,
Fishing on the pier.
We romp through life together,
Kindred spirits on an adventure.

Through thick and thin,
Sticking by my side despite
Waves of sadness and pain–
Never ending loyalty of a hound.