One day at a time by the grace of God.  That’s how I get myself through life.  I’ve had struggles with depression, anger, and addiction throughout the years, and journaling and poetry have always been powerful ways for me to deal with my issues, thoughts,  and emotions.  My hope for this blog is that my thoughts and words may provide encouragement for others that struggle day to day.


3 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. Deb….I never realized you had such a talent….I’ve read a few of your blogs & loved them. I’m so sorry for your struggles…I never knew. I’m anxious to see some more…

  2. You are one of the strongest people I know.

    Your bravery inspires me.

    I secretly covet your abilities as a wordsmith, though I am glad it is one of you many gifts, as your talent gives me pause for thought.

    I call you friend & as such I am blessed.

    I rest assured that I stand in a long line of others who wish that their love and admiration could provide you with a salve that could ease your pain.

    As you push forward, know that I cheer along your side, inspired!


  3. Hello

    I lost everything because I kept my eyes shut.

    Depression is a cold bedroom. Poetry for me is a blanket that helps me through the night. I have suffered with depression all my life, my blogg (of two days) is priceless in exorcising ghosts.

    Keep posting. Dawn will come.


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