Head down, glazed over eyes,
One foot in front of the other.
Like a slowly dripping leak,
Each day melts into the next.

Blank stare and a fake smile,
Pretending everything is fine.
Smoldering embers of pain
Burn concealed on the inside.

How much longer until the fire
Burns through the interior and
The blazing inferno breaches
The counterfeit calm exterior?


2 thoughts on “Surviving

  1. I have major depressive disorder, and I can say from personal experience that what you have written here is painfully true. Not only is it true, it is finely crafted, beautifully written. Thank you for putting it into words, so maybe some who do not understand might see the light.


    I’ll link this to one of my poems about depression, if you care to read it.

  2. This beautifully crafted poem speaks to my heart. Major depressive disorder is my tag, and there are times when I don’t know how I will go on. Thanks for writing this down so beautifully. I am linking to one of my poems about depression, should you care to read.


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