Reckless Faith

I tend to leap before I look- stand out on the ledge;
While committees make plans, my feet have left the edge.
Jumping off cliffs without knowing what’s below,
People say I’m foolish, that I don’t think before I go
Off on a tangent or plow full-speed ahead.
Not merely rash or reckless, I consider it trust instead.
I may dive off a precipice where most would see no hope,
But I have confidence- I know who holds my rope.

Immanuel and I  tromp through life together,
Turning over tables, dining with the sinners.
Never accused of being tepid or lukewarm,
We rush unarmored into battle, laugh at the storm.
Going, doing, serving– action verbs abound,
Not sitting in a pew, our running feet hit the ground.
Traveling through this crazy world, lighting it on fire,
Burning down the bridges, balancing on the wire.


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