County Roads

Traveling down back roads,
Gravel crunching under tires.
Windows rolled down–
Breeze blowing through my hair.

Cows look up from their cud,
Cardinals flit across the lane.
Wildflowers in the fields
Tangle in the barbed wire.

The sky fades from blue,
Purple, red, orange, pink.
Colors of a country sunset
Calm my disquieted mind.


16 thoughts on “County Roads

  1. you keep a very good distance when you write, which is challenging for a lot of poets (especially me)

    your style lends itself well to haikus too, I notice. Nice place you have here

  2. Wowww… reading it made me wanna drive those roads..
    A very calming soothing indeed!
    Living where I do, it’s kinda hard to come by such road… 😦 So your poem is making up for that!
    Very sweet and gentle..

    Oh.. by the way, I totally LOOOOVED the fonts you’ve used! 🙂

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