Outdoor Therapy

Surrounded by a jury of my peers–
Herons, blue and white, ducks, frogs,
Paranoid minnows scurrying through the shallows.

Sitting on the pier, bare feet dangling in the water,
Dragonflies chase the tip of my fishing pole
As raindrops slowly drip from the bill of my hat.

Sanctuary to my restless, aching soul,
The peaceful lake and its inhabitants
Calm the brackish water that runs through my veins.


14 thoughts on “Outdoor Therapy

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  2. So accurately titled. Nature uninterrupted is so therapeutic. I take a yoga class in Bryant Park and when I can sift through the traffic that is 42nd st NY I find a glorious place within the trees that surround me and the grass beneath. “The peaceful lake and its inhabitants/ Calm the brackish water that runs through my veins.” You transcend yourself into nature with the last line. The lake giving you peace to become united with nature ignoring the chaos that lies within you. I enjoyed this so much!!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. The last line is my favorite, as well. I’m a country girl at heart living in Dallas for the next few years- getting out into nature helps me relax and calms my stresses and anxiety that arise from living in the crowds, smog, and traffic.

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