You wear your heart on your sleeve,
I keep mine deep in my breast,
Guarded and protected
In a welded metal chest.

It’s squishy, sweet, and soft,
Don’t be fooled by the wrapping.
Hard and steely on the outside,
Deep within is simply pudding.


2 thoughts on “Pudding

  1. I wrote my heart off on my sleeve
    Graffiti cut out of my breast
    Head shot, unprotected
    With a holey swiss chest

    Velvet smooth and rock candy soft
    Threw away the gold wrapping
    Dropped on the street outside
    My love is blood pudding

    Eeek, this one was hard 😐
    Not great, but that’s my heart
    Opposite of yours πŸ™‚
    Open and out there
    Ready for scratches and dirt
    I like it that way

    So others can see it πŸ™‚

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